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Beautiful red tile roofed Spanish Revival homes are prevalent in Kensington.


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Founded in 1910 by two sisters, the original Kensington development was south of what is now Alder Drive, and known as Kensington Park. The first homes built were primarily Craftsman Style. In 1913, the sisters sold their interest in Kensington Park. New maps were drawn and more land was acquired north of Alder to form the Kensington we know today.

Beautiful red tile roofed Spanish Revival homes are prevalent in Kensington, a testament to famed supervising architect Richard Requa. There are also plenty of examples of modern style (Lloyd Ruocco worked as a draftsman for Requa at one point), as well as some Cape Cod and French Normandy style designs. Pride in the neighborhood is evident in consistently tidy homes and yards.

Kensington is anchored by the strip of Adams Avenue commerce including the library and park in the center of it all. The Ken Theatre is a treasure, screening everything from art house favorites to film premiers to late night showings of Rocky Horror. You can find both fine dining and a fantastic burger on the strip, and you can do your shopping at Stehly Farms, which boasts local produce.

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